Expanding Our Services: Adding a Content Creator to Help Capture Your Wedding Story

To enhance your wedding experience and capture every precious moment in a unique and engaging way, we are now offering the services of a dedicated wedding content creator. This exciting new addition to our wedding photography and video services is designed to provide you with a comprehensive, immersive record of your special day, from behind-the-scenes moments to the grand finale that you can start sharing the day after your wedding!

Why Add a Content Creator?

In today’s digital age, sharing your wedding experience with friends and family, both near and far, has never been more important. Social media platforms have become a central part of how we connect and celebrate life’s biggest milestones. By adding a content creator to our team, we aim to provide a seamless, creative, and immediate way to share your wedding journey.

A content creator will not replace professional photography or video services. Instead, think of it as a complement to our regular offerings that allows you and your guests to be more fully engaged while we capture content for you to share!

What Does a Wedding Content Creator Do?

A wedding content creator brings a unique skill set to your wedding day, focusing on capturing dynamic, engaging content specifically tailored for social media platforms. Here are some services our content creators can offer:

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Moments: From the excitement of getting ready to the anticipation just before walking down the aisle, our content creator will capture those candid, spontaneous moments that are often missed. These snippets provide a personal glimpse into the day’s preparations and the emotions that come with it.
  2. Highlight Reels: Short, professionally edited highlight reels that can be shared on social media. These reels will capture the essence of your wedding day, from start to finish, in a concise and visually stunning format.
  3. Customized Content: Tailored content to fit your style and preferences. Whether you want a romantic and elegant feel or a fun and quirky vibe, our content creator will work to ensure that your personality shines through.
  4. Live Updates: For friends and family who cannot attend in person, live updates on platforms like Instagram Stories or Facebook Live allow them to be part of the celebration. Whether it’s the first kiss, the first dance, or heartfelt speeches, they’ll feel like they’re right there with you.

The Benefits of a Content Creator

Why add a wedding content creator to our services? It can offer numerous benefits:

  • Rapid Turnaround: At Casey Fatchett Photography, we pride ourselves on having some of the fastest turnaround of high quality images and video in the business, but it still takes time – and you probably want to start sharing as soon as possible! By adding a content creator, we can provide you with ready to post images and videos the day after your wedding
  • Less Stress: With a dedicated professional handling social media updates, you and your guests can fully immerse yourselves in the celebration without worrying about capturing every moment.
  • Engagement: Boost engagement on your social media profiles with high-quality, professional content.
  • Real-Time Sharing: Our premium packages include immediate updates that allow you to share your special day with loved ones as it unfolds.

How It Works

Integrating a content creator into your wedding package is simple and seamless. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your vision for your wedding day and how you’d like to share it on social media. Our content creator will work alongside our photography and video team to ensure a cohesive, coordinated approach, so every moment is beautifully documented.

The day after your wedding you will receive a folder of images, video clips, and ready made vertical highlight reels for you to post to social media platforms. We are happy to provide samples upon request and for the time being you can check out our reels on Instagram to get a sense of what content will look like.

A New Dimension to Wedding Memories

We are committed to evolving with the needs and desires of our clients, and adding a content creator to our team is a testament to that commitment. We believe that this service will not only enhance your wedding experience but also provide you with a richer, more dynamic record of one of the most important days of your life.

Casey Fatchett Photography can’t wait to help you share your love story with the world in a fresh, exciting way. For more information or to book a consultation, please contact us today!

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