Harry Potter Themed Brooklyn Wedding

Maybe I was not expecting this level of commitment when my clients told me they were having a very nerdy Harry Potter themed wedding in Brooklyn. Whatever the case, I would be happy to be the wedding photographer for many more weddings of this nature.

I love when people really lean into a theme or incorporate the nerdy things they love in their celebration. Being a huge nerd myself, I enjoy seeing how they make what they love a part of their wedding day.

Exactly how nerdy did this Harry Potter wedding celebration get? Well, the front room at The Bell House in Brooklyn was basically turned into a combination of the Hog’s Head Inn and The Leaky Cauldron tavern complete with butter beer, a guest book that bites, a miniature Hogwart’s Express, house elves, and more.

In the reception area, guests sat at tables dedicated to herbology, potions, books, and magical creatures. Dessert included two different cakes, one of which featured golden seals of the Hogwart’s house sigils.

Perhaps the most impressive bit of DIY, though, were the custom 3D printed wands the couple created uniquely for each of their guests.

Check out all the Harry Potter wedding inspiration below, grab a chocolate frog on your way out, and be sure to watch out for the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets…

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