The “Friends” Photo

This picture of the wedding party walking down the street is what I refer to as the “Friends” photo.

Friends wedding party photo NYC New York City

Why? Well, there’s a story behind that which I am happy to share with you below. But, first, I would like to talk for a moment about my photography ‘style’, especially when it comes to weddings.

I believe the most memorable and beautiful wedding photos are the natural, unposed moments. This moment is not ‘staged’ in the sense that it is a reflection of the relationships in the people in the picture. They are truly being themselves, and I was just there to document it.

Now, for the story…

What do you think of the “Friends” photo?

In my more than twenty years as a wedding photographer, this remains one of my most popular photos. As I mentioned, this photo won an award from Rangefinder Magazine and from a couple of other organizations. When I posted this story to TikTok, it had received over 40,000 likes in less than a week. It simply speaks to people.

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