Good Photography is Time Travel

I always tell people that good photography is like time travel. Viewing a great picture can take you back to that particular moment and make you feel like you are living it all over again. This is especially true when it comes to wedding photography.

On your wedding day, you are in a place surrounded by your favorite people, celebrating life and love. And you want great photos that will help you remember that day, the people, and the emotions.

Great wedding photos, or any picture for that matter, can capture a memory you love for years and years to come. Also, your feelings about those photos will change over time. They will evolve and change and grow stronger. That is why I can never answer the question, “What’s your favorite photo that you’ve taken?”

What do you think makes the best photos?

Do you think photography is kind of time travel? Have you ever looked at a picture and felt transported to that place and time?

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