A Refreshing Wedding Dessert Alternative

Looking for a refreshing wedding dessert alternative to beat the heat during the sweltering Summer months? I recently did a photo shoot for Puras Paletas in New Jersey and, I have to say, this could be my new “go to” Summer

delicious refreshing paletas for your wedding

Now you may be thinking, “Oh, so they’re ice pops.” However, as was explained to me, paletas are very different from ice pops as they are mostly fruit with minimal water and sugar added. How does that make a difference? Well, they take longer to melt and they have a much more robust flavor.

paletas for wedding dessert or cocktail hour treat
refreshing wedding dessert alternative

You can also add paletas to champagne, like we did for the shoot, and make them into a tasty treat at cocktail hour. They were DELICIOUS and would probably taste great with gin/vodka/soda as well.

wedding ice pops paletas and champagne
wedding ice pops paletas and champagne

If you’re in the New York City / Northern New Jersey area, definitely reach out to Puras Paletas and give them a try as they do provide catering packages. I’m getting nothing out of this. The drinks/paletas were really tasty and refreshing on a hot day and I just wanted to pass along that information to everyone else.

Have ideas about other refreshing wedding dessert alternatives? Tell me about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! I am always open to new ideas.

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