One Thing Everyone Should Do During Their Wedding Ceremony

Consider this a helpful wedding tip regarding your wedding ceremony from someone who has photographed more than seven hundred weddings, look at each other!

It is tempting for couples getting married to want to look at the officiant. Officiants are great. They also understand that the wedding is not about them.

And it isn’t about your guests either. The wedding ceremony is about you and your partner making vows to one another.

Which is why I, and anyone else who sees your wedding pictures, including you, want to see your smiling, happy, emotional faces rather than the backs of your heads during the wedding ceremony.

I’m sure the backs of your heads are gorgeous. That’s not the issue at all. This whole thing that you’re doing centers on your relationship with one another. So show everyone, including your photographer, how you feel about each other by looking at your partner.

I always remind couples just before the ceremony to look at one another as much as they can. You think you’re looking at your partner too much? You’re not!

backyard wedding ceremony

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