Alternative Wedding Ceremony Music

As a veteran of hundreds of weddings, one thing I truly appreciate is alternative wedding ceremony music. The classics are classics for a reason. They are gorgeous songs. But when you’ve heard them a couple hundred times, you start to yearn for ceremonies that distinguish themselves.

Feel free to express yourself at the wedding with piano or string quartet versions of heavy metal songs, or country or whatever songs float your boat.

You don’t have to play the version of the song as recorded by the artist. There’s a band called the Vitamin String Quartet that plays beautiful string versions of MANY different songs. You can even probably find an instrumental version of the theme to your favorite TV show if you want to walk down the aisle to it.

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Heck, I’ve even heard the Raynes of Castamere played as the bride walked down the aisle. Not that I would recommend implementing Game of Thrones into your wedding – weddings don’t work out well for people in those books – but feel free to express yourselves however you want.

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