Natural Unposed Wedding Photos

For more than two decades, I have been a proponent of natural, unposed wedding photos! I wholeheartedly believe, as a wedding photographer with a lot of experiences, that these will be the photos that mean the most to you years after your wedding.

They are often the wedding pictures that, when people see them in my portfolio, elicit responses like “I feel like I know these people.”

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Authentic moments are the ones that let you feel like you can travel back in time just by looking at them. They are so full of emotion and feeling that you are transported.

Candid wedding photography. Wedding photojournalism. These are my specialties. Sure, I will capture great portraits when you need them at well, but those little moments are the ones I am aiming for.

Not everybody can take a great candid photo either. Or they can’t capture them consistently. Some photographers say that they specialize in ‘capturing moments’ but all that means is that they are shooting thousands of photos hoping that enough come out to make their clients happy.

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That’s not my approach. I anticipate the moments. For more than 20 years I have studied body language and behaviors so that I can put myself in the best position for a photo. Which way will that dancing couple turn? Ninety five percent of the time I can give you the right answer.

Knowing that a moment is about to happen is a big part of the job. It takes experience and focus to ‘capture moments’.

So, when a couple comes to me saying they want authentic, unposed wedding photos, I get very excited!

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