Why I Prefer Candid Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer, I have always preferred candid wedding photos over posed or staged pictures. Those unscripted, natural, authentic moments are far more meaningful. And those candid photos can transport you back to that place in time so that you can relive it over and over again.

candid wedding photos

I work with all of my wedding couples to learn more about their personalities and likes/dislikes so that even their portraits feel natural and unposed. Because your wedding photos should reflect your unique personalities, not what a wedding photographer imagines they should look like.

candid wedding photos

You shouldn’t have to fit into some sort of cookie cutter than another person decides for you. Which is why I always go to a wedding with an open mind, ready to go where the moment takes me.

But also with a thoughtful plan on how to make the couple feel relaxed so I can capture those candid wedding photos as well.

When you hire me, you will notice that during the reception I will blend into the crowd and background so that your guests will think that I’m a guest too and not notice the camera. Because if they do notice the camera, their whole appearance changes.

Do you know that feeling, when the life goes out of someone’s eyes and they plaster on a fake smile? Or they immediately look uncomfortable because the camera is pointed at them. Yeah, that’s why I prefer candid moments.

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