Balancing Engagement Rings Photos

Since I am a primarily candid wedding photographer and I shape the photos I take to fit each particular couple I work with, I don’t have a lot of ‘signature’ photos. That’s because I like to keep things fresh. However, I have been balancing engagement rings for photos for nearly a decade. They make for gorgeous pictures.

wedding ring photos by Casey Fatchett -

I had seen other wedding photographers doing similar photos with engagement rings and wedding bands and I was determined to figure out how to do it because they just looked so cool.

balancing engagement ring photos

I put together a short video on Instagram to explain my process…and what I was doing differently from other photographers.

I had no idea!!! And apparently it’s dental wax? Who knew? Apparently other photographers.

But, even after knowing the secret, it didn’t change how I did my engagement ring balancing photos. Why? Because I have learned to do it very quickly. It usually takes me about a minute to set up the shoes or whatever I am balancing the rings on and to actually balance them. If I had to go to my bag and get something out and use that to balance the rings, it’s taking time away from some other photo I may be able to capture as well.

However, now that I know the secret – I got some comments on my video telling me exactly what products other photographers use – I may get some and see what I can do with it. Because having another tool in your toolbox is always a good thing.

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