Rom Com Engagement Photos

I love it when couples come to me with concepts and ideas for their engagement photo sessions. Rebecca and Steve wanted some of their engagement photos to emulate tropes from various genres of movie posters, including some rom com engagement photos.

rom com engagement photos

Seriously, if you have a theme for your engagement photos, I am so down to take part! I love it when people bring aspects of their lives into the session. These two are very much into movies, and the other photos included spy movie and buddy cop film inspired scenes. They later used the photos to create their own individual ‘movie posters’ which they used as decorations at their wedding reception.

Pretty cool, right?

This photo also recently won a Diamond Award for Excellence in Engagement Photography from the Wedding Photojournalists Association. You can view more of my WPJA award winning photos in my profile on their website.

Or, you can just take a look at my engagement photo gallery on my website.

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