Meat Packing District Engagement

I often work with couples who want to do engagement photos in the meat packing district of NYC. Or they want photos in the surrounding areas of Chelsea, or The High Line Park.

I remind couples that these areas are very popular, both with locals and with tourists. You probably don’t want to have ten thousand of your closest non-friends in the background of your images. Therefore, we need to get started early on your photo session.

meat packing district engagement photos by wedding photographer casey fatchett

Once I told a couple that we need to get going early in the day. They responded by asking, without irony or sarcasm, “So, you mean like noon?”

No, not noon. Try before 8 AM on a weekend in the Summer. Weekdays can be a little bit easier but the later you go, the more tourists you are going to run into.

The photo above, taken in NYC’s Meat Packing District, recently won a Diamond Award for “Excellence in Engagement Photography” from the Wedding Photojournalist’s Association (WPJA). It is truly an honor to be recognized by my peers for the quality of my work.

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