Renaissance Festival Wedding: Kate + Nate

How often does a wedding photographer get to photographer a Renaissance festival themed wedding, complete with a sword fight that the photographer is actually a part of? Not very often.

I studied (and taught) historical fencing, stage combat, and sword fighting for over fifteen years, which is how I met Kate and Nate originally. When they told me about their plans to have their first dance “interrupted” by a challenge, which led to a duel, which led to a full on sword brawl that involved more and more people, including me, I was immediately sold.

Through in a mix of pagan wedding traditions, and a beautiful forest ceremony on a mountain in the Hudson Valley, and you have a recipe for a beautiful, non-traditional wedding.

Top it all off with some fireworks at the end of the night, and I don’t know how it gets any better!

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renaissance festival faire themed wedding in the hudson valley
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sword fight at renaissance festival wedding upstate new york
sword fight at renaissance faire festival themed costume wedding
fireworks at renaissance festival wedding

Check out more photos in the slideshow below:

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