Offbeat Brooklyn Wedding at the Paper Box

When the sister of the bride contacted me about this offbeat Brooklyn wedding at the Paper Box, she described the couple as “lovable weirdos”. This immediately endeared them to me, because, I consider myself a lovable weirdo.

But, there were some hurdles we had to get past. Amanda, the bride, wasn’t sure she would even hire a professional photographer. She wanted someone who could take great candids and make her feel relaxed because she doesn’t like having her photo taken.

Well, that sounds like just the job for me. Candid photos are my specialty. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience working with people who feel self conscious about having their photos taken.

In the end, we ended up creating some fantastic, authentic wedding photos to capture all of these amazing memories. How did Amanda feel about it? I will let her tell you…

Casey was the perfect wedding photographer for us. I really hate having my photo taken, so I knew I wanted someone who took great candid photos so I could avoid a day filled with awkward posing. We knew we didn’t want a wedding album full of super staged looking photos. We wanted photos that captured the real moments of the day. Casey listened to what we wanted and went above and beyond to deliver it. He is a joy to work with. We could not have been happier with him or our photos. We highly recommend him!!


This wedding has a lot of amazing things going on: the officiant is wearing a Macho Man Randy Savage robe, DIY elements, a candy bar favor station, horror movie references, etc.

Most importantly, it reflects Amanda and Zac’s unique relationship. Now let’s take a look at this awesome offbeat Brooklyn wedding.

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Planning Your Own Offbeat Brooklyn Wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding that is outside the boundaries of what some would consider ‘traditional’, I would be happy to be considered as your wedding photographer.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the offbeat, being quite the nerd myself. Don’t believe me?

Renaissance festival wedding? Done that! I even fought in the sword fight at the reception. Click here to check it out.

Music festival wedding? Did that too! It was gorgeous. You can find that one by clicking here.

If you’re ready to talk, you can reach out to me in the following ways:

I look forward to hearing more about your amazing wedding and being your offbeat wedding photographer!

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