“We don’t want our wedding photos to look like ‘Oh that was so 20-whatever,” the couple said as we looked through some sample albums. “We want something more…timeless.”

Trends come and go in the wedding industry, and trends happen for a reason. A particular style gains popularity and soon everyone is clamoring for it.

But, you want these photos to stand the test of time…

Do you want a wedding photographer who takes photos to look like an Instagram filter?

Do you want your portraits to be full of poses that ‘everyone was doing that year’?

Or do you want timeless wedding photos?

Jewish wedding at The Carltun -

I have seen a lot of wedding trends…

When you have been photographing weddings for twenty plus years like I have, you have seen a lot of trends come and go.

There was the selective coloring trend, the jumping photos trend, the vintage photos trend…the list goes on and on.

I want you to look back on your wedding photos and feel like they were taken yesterday. I want you to feel transported back to your wedding day and not cringe and think “Why oh why did we do that?”

Wedding at Red Maple Vineyard - photo by Casey Fatchett -

A Tradition of Timeless Wedding Photos

I made the decision early on in my wedding photography career not to jump on the bandwagon of every trend that comes along in the industry.

I made the decision to edit photos in a timeless manner, even though it takes more time to do so.

candid emotional natural wedding photos

I do not just throw a filter over every photo that makes them all look the same. I want each and every one of your photos to be alive in the moment that it was captured.

I don’t want to dull the colors or make your wedding appear unreal.

I strive to make your wedding photos look the best as they are naturally. I add my ‘special sauce’ to each image, improving the colors and tones that are naturally there.

Hand-Toned Images

If you desire images with a more artistic feel, I offer collections of hand-toned images where the processing is unique to your personal aesthetic and the image itself.

If you want one of these collections, I will speak to you, and find out what types of photo styles you like.

Why? Because you can’t just throw a filter or a preset on just any image and have it look good. Too often, wedding photographers cut corners by just batch processing all of their images so that they look exactly the same.

Then your photos look exactly the same as the last wedding they shot. And the next.

But your wedding is unique. And your photos should be too!

What type of wedding photos do you want?

Do you want a wedding photographer who will give you trendy looking wedding photos that will be out of style in a few years or do you want timeless wedding photos?

If you want timeless, authentic photos from your wedding day, reach out to me by filling out my contact form. Or you can reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram.

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