Intimate NYC Wedding Ceremony: Shannon + Kyle

What do you do when a pandemic shuts down not only your wedding venue, but regulations seriously limit the number of people who are allowed to gather for a celebration? Well, when Shannon and Kyle’s wedding was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they still wanted to honor their original wedding date. So, with a little planning, they set up a safe, socially distance, intimate NYC wedding ceremony.

Shannon and Kyle decided to keep it simple. They only invited their parents and their siblings. Everyone took a COVID test before attending the ceremony, and masks were worn inside and out until the ceremony started.

And who says you can’t have a beautiful wedding ceremony with only a few guests? If 2020 has taught us anything about weddings, it is that what really matters is the celebration of LOVE that weddings stand for.

You don’t need a huge party for that! You can have a socially distanced wedding ceremony and keep everyone safe so that you are all able to celebrate later on when we are through the worst of the pandemic.

Shannon and Kyle will celebrate again next year in the Fall, but until then, this lovely, intimate NYC wedding ceremony is all they needed…

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See? You can follow the pandemic guidelines and still have a beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony!

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