Backyard New Jersey Minimony Wedding

What do you do when a pandemic stops your plans for a big wedding ceremony? You adjust your plans and put together a backyard New Jersey minimony like this couple!

Stephanie and Joe had originally planned for a big celebration in the Fall of 2020, but the COVID19 pandemic had other plans. They have delayed their ‘full celebration’ until the Fall of 2021, but they wanted to do something to commemorate their original wedding date.

So, they decided to have an intimate, socially distanced ceremony in the backyard followed by some photos at Liberty State Park.

Side Note: When you have to cut down the guest list to just a handful of people, you need to make adjustments to who will be playing key roles. For example, your sister might officiate the ceremony. Or, you might not have a ‘flower girl’ and instead decide to have a ‘flower brother-in-law’…

flower man tosses rose petals
bride walking down the ailse
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wedding ceremony
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new jersey minimony wedding
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covid19 wedding party wearing masks
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bride and groom laughing

If you miss the kiss, just laugh it off…and try again!

bride and groom laughing
new jersey wedding photos
new jersey wedding photos

Liberty State Park really offers a tremendous number of options for photos with the waterfront, train station, inactive (safe) train tracks, wooded areas and more!

new jersey train station wedding photos
new jersey bride and groom wedding photos
new jersey minimony wedding

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Planning a New Jersey Minimony Wedding?

Are you planning your own minimony in New Jersey? Planning a wedding at any time can be stressful, but the pandemic has made everything more difficult, especially weddings.

I anticipate there are going to be a lot of these smaller, more intimate events over the next year or so until there is a clear vision of how the pandemic is going.

I would love to offer you the benefit of my 20 years of experience of a wedding photographer to help plan your New Jersey wedding.

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