Head to Toe Groom Styling Tips

Longing to be the debonair gent? Want to look the cat’s pyjamas for your wedding? You too can add a bit of sparkle and bling to your outfit so you can shine just as much as your other half. I spoke with Emma Miller from Vow To Be Chic to get the latest groom styling tips!

You only have one attempt to get things right. So grooms take note! Your wedding day duds should not be taken lightly.

Suit or Tux?

First things first. Are you a tux guy or suit man? Both options have their own unique benefits and will look just as smart for any affair.

“Compliment a tux with a matching vest or cummerbund, or even a top hat for the ultimate dapper groom look,” says Miller. 

Alternatively, you can select a three piece suit including waistcoat to take your style stakes to new heights. “For Winter weddings,” says Miller, “darker tones and colors such as navy and black are more than suitable. 

“Meanwhile, Summer events or destination weddings can be as playful as a cat with a ball of yarn,” she continues. “Think bright pastels, lighter colors and unique patterns that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.”

A Cut Above

One of the most important jobs for any groom is to make sure he is neat and tidy on top. Going to the barber for a snip should never feel more enjoyable. 

“Whether you go for a perfect pompadour or fabulous fade, it’s vital you have a neat appearance on the day,” says Miller.

And this is exactly the same when it comes to beards and mustaches. There are lots of options for grooming. Use beard oil for the ultimate sheen or some specialist beard wax to keep a hold on your facial hair. 

“Besides,” continues Miller, “you don’t want your ball of face fluff swaying about in the wind. There are lots of guides about beard styles for the groom guaranteeing you stay in tip top shape.”

Show Off Your Best Men

On your most important day, isn’t it important to show off those closest to you?

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“However many men you have, there are a host of exciting options to accentuate and compliment each other,” Miller tells us.

groom styling tips

“Consider personalized cufflinks for you and your gang to show off a little wrist candy,” she continues. “Or customized dress socks with your favorite superheroes. Maybe a sterling silver tie bar or monogram pocket squares for your suit lapels to show you stand as one. Find some inspiration here or head to a personalized site such as Etsy, a gift personalized or Groomsmen gift source.”

Snazzy Shoes

From mingling with your guests to that all important first dance, we cannot forget about your feet!

“For any groom, it’s imperative to invest your cold hard cash in a pair of shoes,” says Miller. “You will want to find a comfortable and dazzling pair of brogues or Oxfords.”

For more relaxed weddings, you may want to go a little more casual with some boating or canvas shoes. Heck if you are a sneaker fan they too can work if you are wearing neutral tones as well as khaki or beige trousers.

Keep it Timely

Time is certainly on your side…at least on your wedding day. I mean, they can’t start the wedding without you!

“Go all out with a blingy watch to make a real fashion statement at your shindig. It could be a divers watch, quartz movement or a chrono timepiece,” suggests Miller. “Nevertheless, it will create an impact and finish off your wedding attire with a touch of finesse and sophistication.”

“There are lots of guides about how to choose the perfect watch for a groom for every discerning budget,” she continued.

So what are you waiting for? Time is ticking!

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