How Do I Relax on Camera?

Having your picture taken can be a very nerve wracking experience for some people. The camera is on you, and that immediately makes you feel self conscious. Trust me, I know that pain! One of the things I hear the most from clients when I am taking photos is, “What do I do with my hands?”

It’s such a common thing to worry about. When I was acting, it took me a while to overcome what my directors called ‘hand tension’ – the tendency to carry all of my tension in my hands with my arms straight down at my sides.

It took a lot of effort and practice to get rid of that tension. But I don’t want you to have to exert a lot of effort or practice for your photos.

Instead, I’ve spent the last 20 years learning how to get people to relax in front of my camera.

how to relax on camera and what to do with your hands in photos

How do I Help My Clients to Relax on Camera?

how to relax on camera

There are three main components to what I do to help my clients relax on camera:

First, I get to know you!

It may sound simple, but I ask questions, and I pay attention to the answers. I know if there are situations that might make you uncomfortable, or a body part that you feel especially self-conscious about.

I also know what music you like, what movies and TV shows you enjoy, and your favorite foods & snacks.

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With all of that information, I’ve got plenty of topics that I can use to break you out of your thoughts about being photographed.

Second, I help you focus on other things!

Like I said before, I have been mastering these techniques for more than 20 years. I adapt my approach based on each client, because, well, everyone reacts differently.

NYC Engagement Photo Session by Casey Fatchett Photography -

Once I have gotten to know you with, I choose a series of ‘prompts’ depending on our session (portraits, engagement photos, wedding day) that will give you topics to talk about, activities to do, or just something to think about.

The purpose here is to get your unique personality to come out in the photos and to get your mind off of pictures.

Finally, I’m not ‘up in your face’…

It’s hard to forget that you’re having your picture taken if your photographer is constantly up on you snapping away or telling you where to stand and what to do with every part of your body.

Sure, I will tell you if you’re in an unflattering position and guide you into one that is better. But I am not going to control every move you make, and, until you are comfortable, I don’t get super close. That’s what telephoto lenses are for!

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Are you looking for a photographer who can make you feel more relaxed on camera? Click here and you can see more samples of my work from throughout the years. Note how natural and relaxed my clients look.

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