Why It’s a Good Time to Order a Wedding Album

Sure, you read that headline and you think, “You’re just trying to make a sale, Casey!” Yea, things are rough for the wedding industry right now, but that is part of the reason it is a good time to order a wedding album.

Your Photographer has More Free Time

Most likely, your wedding photographer has time on their hands right now due to the pandemic and overall fewer weddings going on.

wedding album design

While in the past you may have had to wait for your photographer to get around to having the free time to design your wedding album

Help Support Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding businesses are hurting VERY badly due to the pandemic. Many events have been postponed until next year or cancelled altogether.

Ordering your wedding album now can provide some revenue to your photographer in a time when they might not have any other income!

You Have Free Time and Need Something to Do

Remember how you kept putting off ordering a wedding album because you just didn’t have the time?

wedding album design

Well now you find yourself in need of a project to keep your mind busy during the pandemic when you can’t go out and hang out with your friends and family.

Perfect timing! Sit down and pick your photos for your book and send them off to your wedding photographer. You don’t have any excuses now.

The Whole Process Will Take Less Time

Your photographer has more time to work on the album.

You have more time to pick your photos and give feedback on the design.

order your wedding album

AND the wedding album companies don’t have the same workload they normally do.

That’s right, with fewer weddings going on, there are less orders going into the queue. That means that while having your wedding album printed and assembled in the past may have taken months depending on where you were in line. Now, it may only take a matter of weeks.

I can’t speak for your wedding photographer…unless I am your wedding photographer!

Since my album printer reopened at the beginning of June, the orders I had sent during the beginning of the pandemic when they were shut down were finished very quickly. And new orders that have gone out have returned in record time!

You Can Save Money!

That’s right. You can save money by ordering your album now!

I’ve lowered the starting price points on two of my most popular styles of albums, making it easier for you to get the wedding album you’ve always wanted.

AND I have lowered the deposit on all albums to $250!

Also, if my album company decides to run a discount, I will pass those savings directly to you!

Order Your Wedding Album Today!

What are you waiting for?

Would you like to learn more about the different album options that are available to you? You can click here to see pricing and cover options.

I would also be happy to discuss the various styles of books with you and find out what would best fit your style and budget. Reach out to me and let’s talk about it!

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