NYC City Hall Micro Wedding

As I was putting together information and photos about smaller, intimate weddings – since COVID-19 has changed a lot of couples’ plans for their ceremonies – I came across this wedding which I had forgotten to blog a few years back because I had 7 weddings in the same month and I got overwhelmed with editing and this NYC City Hall micro wedding fell through the cracks!

Well, fortunately I came across it again and I get to share these absolutely lovely photos from La’Nette and Andrew’s wedding with you now!

La’Nette and Andrew met while working in different shops in Grand Central Station. Andrew used to come over and hang out and talk with La’Nette when he was on his breaks.

It is such a cute story and they are absolutely adorable together. You can just feel the love coming off of them when you look at their photos.

bride getting ready
bride and groom leaving for wedding ceremony
NYC wedding
NYC City Hall micro wedding photographed by Casey Fatchett
NYC City Hall wedding photographed by Casey Fatchett
bride and groom at wedding ceremony in NYC
NYC wedding ceremony
NYC wedding ceremony
NYC City Hall wedding photographed by Casey Fatchett
NYC City Hall wedding photographed by Casey Fatchett
Grand Central Station wedding photos by Casey Fatchett

I’m glad we were able to take photos in Grand Central Station where it all began!

What do you think of this beautiful NYC City Hall micro wedding? So much love, right?

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