Fun NYC Engagement Session: Jodi + Kevin

I’ve had some time on my hands lately (thanks, COVID-19) to look through my photos, and I realized that, for whatever reason, I had missed blogging some weddings and engagement sessions that I really loved! I am going to rectify that and get these photos out because they deserve to be shared. First up is this very fun NYC engagement session with Jodi and Kevin!

Jodi and Kevin are big nerds, like me, and, when they first contacted me, they told me about their love of cosplay.

Would there be cosplay during the engagement session? No. They wanted to have more ‘normal’ engagement photos.

While I will admit to minor disappointment when I first heard that, I got over it very quickly. They just wanted to have fun!! And when your engagement photo session starts in a pizza place and ends in a Mexican restaurant, I’m all in!

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engagement photo session
fun nyc engagement session
engagement photo session
engagement photo session
engagement photo session
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taco tuesday engagement photos

What did you think of this fun NYC engagement session? If you want to see Jodi and Kevin’s awesome, nerdy wedding complete with Dr. Who wedding cake, you can click here to check that out.

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