Jersey City Waterfront Wedding: Amanda + Eustice

I was recently going through photos from some smaller, more intimate weddings and I came across this lovely Jersey City waterfront wedding.

I wanted to double check that I had blogged this wedding. As it turns out, I had …the photos got deleted when my site migrated to a new host a couple years ago. It’s okay, they had my old logo as a watermark on them anyway, and I don’t do watermarks anymore.

And that means I am going to share these photos from this Jersey City wedding with you again – sans watermark – just pure, beautiful photos!

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wedding ceremony by casey fatchett
bride and groom first kiss by casey fatchett
bride and groom by casey fatchett
jersey city waterfront wedding by casey fatchett
jersey city wedding by casey fatchett
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Jersey City waterfront wedding

Aren’t their smiles contagious.

I am very happy to share this wedding with you AGAIN! I noticed there were a few other weddings that had disappeared in the migration as well. Maybe I will go back and re-edit those photos and give them a whole new life as well!

Tell me, what do you think of these beautiful wedding photos?

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