As the coronavirus continues to spread, many couples are finding it necessary to rethink their wedding plans. What should you do about your wedding? Well, we must respond appropriate…but we must also have hope. Hope that things will get better eventually and life will return to a more normal state.

Which is why I would recommend that couples who are concerned about how this will effect their wedding this year postpone their event, and not cancel altogether. Talk to your vendors, your venue, and your guests and discuss your options. You will find that easier to do now than waiting until the last moment.

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I do have hope that after the coronavirus passes, you will be able to have an amazing wedding. I know you’re scared about more than just your wedding, but that is also putting a lot of strain on you.

Most likely you’re home and need things to do, so thinking about your wedding gives you something to focus on. Focus on contacting the people involved in your wedding and discuss postponing or reshaping your event.

You must have hope.

Where do I get my hope? Well, I am a bit of a history buff. As unprecedented as this might seem, the world has been through this sort of thing before.

Stay safe. Have hope. Message me if you need to talk.

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