Wedding Planning in Uncertain Times

We live in uncertain times: unstable financial markets, natural disasters, severe weather, pandemics and the like are more than enough to keep you up at night. They can also make it difficult to plan your wedding.

In the last decade, I’ve seen hurricanes close (or flat out destroy) venues, venues close out of nowhere, wildfires destroy or force the evacuation of venues…and who knows what tomorrow could bring?

You might be worried wondering what things are going to be like when your wedding date actually rolls around.

All of that uncertainty can make you especially nervous about putting down money to hire vendors. You might feel like holding off on planning until the world is a bit more stable…

But when will that happen? You can’t let that fear take control and stop you from moving forward. I’m here to help you balance things out…

You Don’t Have to Worry When You Book Me

When you book me to be your wedding photographer, you don’t need to worry what will happen if something unforeseen occurs.

If Something Happens to Me

In the unlikely event that anything should happen to me that prevents me from photographing your wedding, one of my Team Fatchett wedding photographers will serve as a replacement photographer on your wedding day.

The information you’ve provided regarding your timeline, details, portrait list, etc. will be shared with them as well to ensure your wedding day runs as smoothly as if I were there.

If You Have to Reschedule Your Wedding…

If, for reasons beyond your control, you have to reschedule your wedding date, any payments you have made will be held as your deposit for the new, rescheduled event date.

In the event that you choose a new date for your wedding that I am unavailable for, you will still have a Team Fatchett photographer at your wedding to provide coverage.

So, no matter what happens, a great photographer will be at your wedding. I will make sure of it.

It’s All in the Contract

All of this information is spelled out in clear language in your contract. You can rest assured that your contract with me protects you!

Wedding cake sparklers - photos by Casey Fatchett

Tips for Alleviating the Stress of Uncertainty

You know that you’re secure with me, so here are a few more tips to help choosing other vendors that you can feel secure with.

Ask Questions!

Ask potential wedding vendors what their back up plans are in case they get sick or if there’s some sort of calamitous event strikes. If they don’t have some sort of back up plan, look for someone who does!

Read Contracts Carefully

Regardless of what vendors tell you in a meeting or over the phone, be sure to read the cancellation and rescheduling policy of any contract BEFORE you sign.

Does the company keep your money if you have to reschedule your event? Will there be fees for rescheduling? It’s important to know this information beforehand.

Create Your Own Contingency Plans

While you can’t prevent events outside your control, you can prepare for them. Having an emergency contact list of your vendors so you can reach out to them quickly in case something happens is one of the simplest and best ways to prepare for the worst.

The World Health Organization just released a set of guidelines for planning mass gatherings during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The document is 9 pages long and contains both general and coronavirus specific advice for people planning large events. While the document is geared towards large scale events, some of the considerations apply to any large social gathering, such as:

  • the profession of the participants and their possible previous exposure
  • the number of participants coming from countries or areas affected by the COVID-19 outbreak within 14 days prior to the event
  • the age of participants; because elderly people and those who have pre-existing conditions (including diabetes, respiratory issues, and the immunocompromised) appear to be more seriously affected

If you’d like to read the full report, click here to read it in full.

You can’t plan for everything, but having some plans for the most likely events, like bad weather. I’ve talked about things you can do to prepare for bad weather on numerous occasions. Having ideas of what to do in case things don’t go according to plan in and of itself can help alleviate a lot of the stress in dealing with the uncertainty.

Hire Me and Check that Stress Off Your List

When you book me as your wedding photographer, you don’t have to worry about that part of your wedding anymore. I’ve got you.

I will also bring my 20 years of experience working on weddings to the table and help you however I can in coming up with plans for whatever contingency you’re worried about. So, contact me today and let’s start planning!

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