Sunset in Sunset Park…(Award Winning Photo)

People often think that it’s better to take pictures during the middle of the day because there’s “more light”, but they’re wrong. Photographers will tell you the QUALITY of the light is very important and that is usually best around sunrise and sunset, or “The Golden Hour“. And this engagement photo, “Sunset in Sunset Park” proves that adage to be true.

This Brooklyn engagement photos was honored with a Diamond Award by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. You might think that since I’ve won a lot of these awards, that maybe it doesn’t mean as much winning another…but it does. It means a lot every single time.

If you’d like to see which of my other photos have won awards from the WPJA, you can click here to go check my profile on their website, or you can just contact me, I’d be happy to show you.

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