Why You Should Be Printing Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is over. You hired an amazing photographer who has now sent your photos to you, most likely in some sort of digital format. So, what do you do with your wedding pictures? You should be printing them!

Where were you thinking your wedding photos were going to live? On your phone? Is that really the right place for such important memories – your mobile device, the cloud, or a social media feed? Don’t they deserve a more permanent and tangible home?

Get a Wedding Album

printing your wedding photos wedding album

Give your wedding photos the home they deserve – a beautiful heirloom album. Your photos are more than just snapshots. They’re memories and emotions. Powerful ones.

They are a time capsule of your closest loved ones who were there to celebrate on your wedding day.

Your wedding album doesn’t live in the cloud or a social media feed. Because your memories deserve so much more than that. They deserve a heavy, tangible reminder of the place they have in your heart.

Print Your Photos

A wedding album is a great heirloom to have around and show future generations, but nothing beats prints to serve as an every day reminder of how awesome your wedding was.

Print out a few of your favorite wedding photos. Put them up around your house. That way, you will be reminded of all the love of that day every time you walk past that photo!

Heirloom Quality

Whether you choose to have an album made, or to get some prints or canvas to hang on your wall, OR BOTH – I can provide you with heirloom quality albums and prints.

heirloom wedding album

Each album ordered from Casey Fatchett Photography is painstakingly designed and then hand made here in the United States using the highest quality materials.

A proof design is created and sent to you for edits and changes. Your approval is required before the album goes to print.

wedding album design layout
Sample wedding album layout

Our photographic prints and canvases are made from archival quality materials, ensuring that your memories will truly last a lifetime without fading or warping (as long as you treat them with care).

Want More Information on Printing Your Wedding Photos?

I would be happy to send you more information on the styles of albums I offer, as well as the many types of wall art I can create for you. Just reach out and let me know what you’re interested in! Click here to contact me.

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