7 Tips to Alleviate, Eliminate, or Manage Wedding Stress

If you’re planning your wedding right now, you know how easy it is for things to spiral out of control. Suddenly, wedding planning is taking up way more of your life than you initially thought it would. Before you realize what’s going on, you find yourself awake at night thinking about centerpieces…or what to do if there’s a pandemic viral outbreak!

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But you don’t have to suffer from wedding induced anxiety! Here are 7 tips to help alleviate and eliminate wedding stress. Watch the video or read more below!

Give Yourself A Long Engagement

If you’re still deciding on a date for your wedding, take my advice and give yourself more time to plan and put things together.

My wife and I got engaged just before Spring hit and I had a busy Summer full of weddings booked for that year already. She asked whether I thought we could pull of a Fall wedding the same year. My answer? Nope. Not without murdering each other.

Take your time. It gives you a bigger cushion on making decisions as well as more time to save money for the wedding and all of the little expenses that crop up throughout the planning process.

Write Things Down

It helps to be organized! Whether you get yourself a physical planner to write down and keep track of tasks and to-do lists, or if you put together spreadsheets…or both…you can do both…staying organized will help you easily access information when you need it in the future.

tips to eliminate alleviate manage wedding stress

Create a Timeline

Put together a timeline for when you need to have certain tasks completed. Otherwise, it can be easy for things to slip through the cracks and not get done.

Knowing which projects you have to accomplish in a given week, or a month, will help you see what needs to get done.

It also helps you see what you’ve accomplished when you go through and check things off.

Schedule Your Planning Time

Have you found yourself browsing Pinterest for wedding ideas at 2 AM when you really should be asleep?

For many of us, it can be hard to turn off our brains when we get super excited about a project. However, if you spend too much time planning, you are setting yourself up to burn out.

Maybe it’s a certain amount of time each night after work. Or a set amount each week which gets divided up and scheduled at the start of the week.

Delegate Tasks Where You Can

This is what your wedding party, friends, and family are for.

Make sure you choose people you can truly count on. Don’t give important tasks to people who flake regularly just because you want them to feel included. If they don’t get the job done, you’ll just be scrambling to get it done. Give them smaller, easier to accomplish tasks until they prove their reliability.

tips to eliminate alleviate manage wedding stress

Tip: Don’t overburden any one person. Your Maid of Honor or whomever you trust the most to get things done will probably willingly volunteer to do all sorts of tasks. But, if any one person is given too much to do, there’s a greater likelihood that something will fall through the cracks or that resentment will start to creep in…

Two Words – Slush Fund

Put a little bit of extra money aside each week into a separate interest bearing savings account. $10. $20. $50. Whatever amount. It adds up over the course of your engagement.

Then, when you get down to the last week before the wedding, and an unexpected expense comes up that you hadn’t budgeted for…you pay it out of the slush fund!

No unexpected expenses? Use the slush fund on your honeymoon! Treat yourselves. Or put it towards something the two of you wanted but didn’t get as a wedding gift.

Practice Self Care

I cannot emphasize exercising self care enough. Wedding planning can be super stressful. You need to learn how to take a step back and just chill for a little bit, both by yourself and as a couple.

tips to eliminate alleviate manage wedding stress

So, schedule some time together to disconnect from the planning process and spend time together! Otherwise, you’re going to get burned out and start resenting the planning process and each other.

You need to take time to reconnect with your partner and remember what this is all about. It’s about your relationship and love for one another.

But be sure to focus on yourself as well. Take a few minutes each day to ‘check in’ take some deep breathes

What causes your wedding stress?

Budgets? Finding the right vendors? Worried about what the world will look like when your wedding date rolls around? Leave a comment or get in touch with me and I will do my best to help you!!

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