Looking for Comfortable Wedding Shoes?

Would you choose comfortable wedding shoes over making a fashion statement? Who’s to say you can’t do both at the same time??

You’re going to be on your feet a lot on your wedding day. Whether you’re dancing or just standing around, comfortable foot wear is of the utmost importance. Over the years, I’ve seen many brides (and grooms) choose to wear flats or sneakers to save their feet the torture of dress shoes.

Would you wear comfortable shoes to your wedding?

Is it okay to wear comfy shoes?

Absolutely! Wear whatever shoes you want on your wedding day. Ballet flats, sneakers, sandals…

You don’t want your day to be less awesome because your shoes are murdering your feet!

I often see brides and their bridesmaids changing from heels to flats or sneakers during the reception. But who is saying you have to wait until the reception? No one!

Wear whatever type of shoes you feel comfortable in that also reflect your personal style.

I’ve seen brides and bridesmaids wearing sneakers for well over a decade. The sneaker they choose most often? Converse!

And guess what? Converse has launched an entire LINE of wedding shoes!

Custom Wedding Sneakers

You can go with the traditional high top or low top “Chucks” OR you can choose from all black or all white leather for more formal events, woven and sequin shoes for those looking for a little more fashion flair…

Get some word art on your feet, or maybe you’d prefer embroidered flowers? Perhaps some hot pink platforms?

You can even customize your shoes to match any outfit. And when I say you can customize them, you can really customize them!

There are also shoes made from recycled materials for the eco conscious!

And there’s a full line of shoes for men as well so the boys don’t feel left out.

Click here to go the Converse site and start customizing your own shoes today!

Be Yourself

Whatever you prefer, sneakers or Louboutin heels, I will be there to capture pictures of all the little details that go into your big day. If you put your thoughts, time, energy, and money into it, it deserves to be documented…and well!

It’s all an extension of your own personality and style. And if you want a wedding photographer who respects your style, click here to get in touch with me and tell me all about what you’re planning to wear! Seriously, it only takes a minute.

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