Wedding Venue Spotlight: Central Park Loeb Boathouse

For everyone that dreams of a “New York City wedding”, there’s a sense that every wedding venue has to live up to the expectations that have been built up over the years by movies and TV shows. The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park (also known as the Central Park boathouse) meets those expectations, because it is one of the places they are based on!

There is a reason that weddings at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park are so iconic. The venue is located within easy walking distance of several locations that you’ve seen in every romantic comedy (and a lot of other genres) filmed in New York City.

central park boathouse wedding

The Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, Poet’s Walk/The Mall, the Ramble, Belvedere Castle, and so many more iconic NYC locations are within easy walking distance for your wedding party and family for your photos.

And that’s a big deal! You will find out on your wedding day that being able to easily fit in several great photo locations within quick walking distance IN NEW YORK CITY is next to impossible.

Central Park engagement photos by Casey Fatchett -

And not only do you get these picturesque backdrops in your photos, but you and your guests get to enjoy them during your ceremony and all throughout your reception.

Central Park Boathouse wedding by Casey Fatchett

Enjoy the views as you party the night away in the middle of Central Park!

Central Park Boathouse wedding by Casey Fatchett

And maybe throw in a romantic little gondola ride after your ceremony…

Central Park Boathouse wedding photos

Would you get married at the Central Park Boathouse? Are you planning a wedding there already?

I’ve worked at the Boathouse numerous times. You can view full recent weddings I’ve photographed there by clicking here or here. Or you can just click here to reach out to me right now about photographing your Central Park Boathouse wedding. It only takes a few seconds!

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