Celebrating Twenty Years of Wedding Photography

This year, in May, I will be celebrating my 20th year as a wedding photographer! A lot has changed in the wedding photography industry in the last two decades, but, now more than ever, my job is about the people.

Brooklyn wedding at 501 Union by Casey Fatchett Photography -

If you’d told me back in the year 2000 that, in twenty years, I would have photographed nearly 600 weddings…well, I am not sure how I would have reacted…

I’ve seen the industry switch from film to digital, and the rise of social media, and both the business and art of wedding photography continue to evolve and change.

celebrating wedding photography

It’s been an incredible ride so far, and I still absolutely love meeting new couples and the energy that surrounds your wedding day. No matter if it’s an intimate gathering with just a few people or a gala event with a few hundred, I get equally pumped up for it.

It’s Been a Great 20 Years

I could not have remained in business this long (two decades!) without the support of so many amazing people. And I’d love to celebrate all of you as well as the people who are going to make the next 20 years just as awesome.

So follow along with me on Instagram or Facebook, and let’s get the celebration started!

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