Do reviews matter when hiring a wedding photographer?

Several years ago, a fellow wedding photographer told me the story of how the photographer she hired for her own wedding, who had been praised by numerous wedding blogs and publications for one particular shoot that he’d done, had ghosted on her after her wedding and wasn’t delivering her photos. The details of the story went on and on, the list of offenses growing. I turned to her and asked, “Did you read any of his reviews before you hired him?”

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Problems Big & Small

Most wedding photography horror stories I hear revolve around couples never receiving their photos. While that is obviously terrible and unexcuseable, there are many other offenses like showing up late, poor communication, bad image quality, having a poor attitude, and so on that can ruin your wedding photography experience.

Then there are just the issues that can arise from differences in style and personality. You may want a photographer who is laid back and chill, but if they’re extremely Type A and up in your face, they can ruin your vibe for the whole day.

A wedding photographer’s reviews will give you a sense of how they interact with their clients, both the bad AND the good!!

Do Your Research!

Most of the disappointing stories I hear about wedding photographers letting people down could simply have been avoided by reading that wedding photographer’s reviews!

If you’re worried about making the wrong investment in a wedding photographer, be sure to read more than just a couple of reviews. The more you read, the more you will spot patterns of bad and, preferably, good behavior.

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This is most likely A LOT of money that you’re spending, and these are VERY important memories that you’re entrusting to someone. You have to make sure they take it seriously.

Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire, and even Google or Facebook provide reviews that will give you a better sense of what the experience was like for previous couples who’ve worked with a wedding photographer. Don’t just believe what a photographer puts on their website.

BEST. DECISION. EVER….Casey did an amazing job of capturing the evening and my husband and I now have tons of perfect photos to remember the best day of our lives . Every time I go through our photos, I find a new favorite.

Amanda W.

Past Performance Predicts Future Results

Remember that photographer I mentioned at the beginning of this post? He’d been shooting weddings for only a few years when all of these publications skyrocketed his popularity…..and he had problems before his business exploded…which means they’re only going to be magnified when he went from shooting 10 weddings a year to over 70!

There was a vast group of people who he had cancelled on, failed to deliver images to, or just treated rudely throughout the process of their weddings. New couples who were hiring him didn’t read past the glowing recommendations of publications who had never actually hired him but were infatuated with the quality of his images. They could have saved themselves a lot of pain and anguish if they’d listened to his past clients.

And, remember, you’re not just looking for negative attributes or things a wedding photographer might have done wrong in their reviews. You’re learning about how they conduct business and interact with their clients.

Let’s say you both have very large, boisterous families. A photographer may be very good at getting natural, candid moments…

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…but you probably also want someone who can take control of the situation during family portraits.

Again, you’re not just looking for negatives. A wedding photographer’s reviews will tell you how they communicate with clients, whether they are able to solve problems that arise before and on the wedding day, and much, much more.

You’re looking for the wedding photographer who is best suited to your needs.

Throughout the whole process (Casey) was extremely professional, easy to work with, and very attentive to all the details.

Joe D.

Ask Questions

Don’t stop at reading the reviews though. If a photographer makes your short list and you’re reaching out them to discuss your wedding. Be sure to bring up any questions that arose in your mind from reading their reviews.

If there was something that a lot of people who left reviews took issue with, bring it up when talking to your potential wedding photographer. If they don’t answer your questions in a way that puts you at ease, it might be time to move on to another photographer.

Also, if there’s a facet of the way the do business that really appeals to you, be sure to ask them and confirm that’s how they do things so that you aren’t led astray or there isn’t some sort of miscommunication.

By the time our events were over, it felt like (Casey) was a part of our family.

Renata T.

Building Trust

As I mentioned before, you’re investing a lot of money in your photographer and you are putting a lot of trust in them to properly capture your wedding day.

You have to know that they’re going to deliver on their promises.

You need to know that they’re the right one for you.

Between The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook, and Google, I have over 200 ‘five star’ reviews from my former clients. Feel free to read them and get to know more about how I treat the couples I work with.

I am confident that, after you read them, you’ll know that you can put your trust in me. And then we can talk about your wedding and how I can help you!

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