Best NYC Engagement Photo Locations

Looking for the best spots in NYC to take your engagement photos? The city is literally brimming with possibilities. Some are well known, others…not so much. I’m going to break down my list of the best (my favorite) spots by the three boroughs I work in the most: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens!

Also, this post has a LOT of photos in it, but not NEARLY all of the photos I have taken at these locations. When you’re done head back to my main blog page and search for the location you’re interested in…

Best Manhattan Engagement Photo Locations

Central Park

Central Park engagement session by Casey Fatchett -

There is a reason Central Park is so iconic. It’s gorgeous! And it’s full of SO MANY beautiful backdrops that you can easily hit 4 or 5 in the course of an hour engagement session. Whether you start at the bottom, the top, or right in the middle, you’re bound to find a picturesque location! With 842 acres of park to choose from, including Bethesda Terrace, The Bow Bridge, The Mall, The Duck Pond, Strawberry Fields, The Ramble, The Meer, and so much more. Did you know Central Park has waterfalls? It does and I will help you find them!

Riverside Park

Upper West Side Riverside Park engagment photo session - photo by Casey Fatchett -

Riverside Park on the West side of Manhattan is wildly underestimated in my opinion. Featuring beautiful tree lined paths, old stone walls, and views of the Hudson River, it is hard to go wrong!


NYC Mural Graffiti Engagement Session by Casey Fatchett -

The area South of Houston Street (that’s pronounced How-stun) is filled with lots of great “Old New York” architecture, little cobblestoned streets, and TONS of graffiti. You’ll find messy graffiti as well as beautiful murals spanning entire buildings.

The High Line

New York City Highline Park Engagement Session - photo by Casey Fatchett -

In the last five years, requests for photos at The High Line have skyrocketed!! So many people want to take photos there. Which leads to a problem. Unless you get there early, you’re going to be surrounded by people (mostly tourists). I can work around it most of the time, but you just have to be willing to put up with the crowds…

Side Note: I once told a couple that we’d have to get to the High Line early on a Sunday before the crowds. They replied, “Oh, so like what? Noon?” Nope, try 6 AM!

Washington Square

Washington Square Park is a great launching spot for your engagement photos. In the center of the NYU campus, you have the fountain, the park, and if you walk around the side streets around the park you’ll find dozens of great little spots for photos!

Carl Schurz Park

NYC engagement photos at Carl Schurz Park by Casey Fatchett

Another hidden gem of a park, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I always call it Charles Schultz Park…because I’m just weird that way. It rolls off the tongue much easier than Carl Schurz, okay!! Either way, the park has beautiful archways and views of the East River, a lovely boardwalk, and some beautiful ivy covered walls in the Summer.

The Elevated Acre

Located in the Financial District, the Elevated Acre is a park on the roof of a building with a fantastic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn waterfront!

Best Brooklyn Engagement Photo Locations


Brooklyn engagement pictures by Casey Fatchett -

Down-Under-Manhattan-Bridge-Overpass…did you know that’s what DUMBO stands for? It doesn’t matter. The area has become iconic for “New York” photos with the views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Skyline, and the the Manhattan Bridge. Topped off with cobblestone streets, a and great architecture and you have a recipe for awesome engagement photos. Just be careful, the area is VERY popular and if you don’t get there early, you can end up with lots of people in the background of your pictures.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Engagement Session by Casey Fatchett Photography

Just South of DUMBO, this park has a new, more modern feel to it. They’re easily within walking distance of one another. You have the Brooklyn pier, granite steps overlooking lower Manhattan, an expansive lawn, as well as tree lined pathways.

Brooklyn Promenade

Brooklyn promenade engagement photo session

Overlooking the East River and Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Promenade offers great views and big open spaces. And just steps away from the promenade you have the beautiful brownstones of Brooklyn Heights and the tree lined streets which look amazing in every season!

Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway

A new entry onto the engagement photo location scene, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway IS NOT part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s basically a series of piers, man made beaches, and other small parks along the riverside South of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Technically, you could walk to them, but it’s kinda far and you’ll probably want to take a taxi…

Prospect Park

Hey, everybody…I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Brooklyn has parks too. Prospect Park boast 526 acres!! That’s pretty big!

Best Queens Engagement Photo Locations

Astoria Park

For a long time, Astoria was a well kept secret. Not so much anymore. Astoria Park has great waterfront views of the RFK Bridge, the Hellsgate Bridge, and Manhattan. Plus you’ve got the Astoria Pool which can lend itself as a very nice backdrop. Plus, you know, it’s a big park with lots of trees!

Long Island City Ferry Terminal

LIC Queens engagement photos

This great location sports the iconic Pepsi sign on the LIC waterfront. Development in the area has brought lovely green space and the old industrial waterfront spaces. When you get done with photos down by the water, circle the surrounding blocks and find murals, colorful walls, and lots of other cool backdrops.

Kaufman Astoria Studios / Museum of the Moving Image

Astoria NYC movie themed engagement session

Love movies? Television? There’s a high likelihood one of your favorite movies or shows was filmed at Kaufman Astoria.

Socrates Park

While not a huge park, it does offer some great views of Manhattan, and it’s usually full of interesting sculptures. The surrounding neighborhood has some great industrial buildings and very cool murals (if you can find them before wherever they’re painted gets developed!)

Choose YOUR New York City

nyc engagement photos

One thing New Yorkers do that is very difficult for people who’ve never lived in NYC to understand is that we make the city our own. You create your own New York with the places you go, and those places have special meaning to you. So whether it’s the cafe where you had your first date or the ice cream place you like to go on your way home from every date night, pick the locations that have the most sentimental meaning FOR YOU! Trust me, those photos will mean a lot to you years from now.

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