Vendors I Love: Bride & Blossom

I have had the opportunity to work with Bride & Blossom on several weddings and their designs always impress me.

Bride & Blossom works with 60 to 70 couples a year, but owner Rachel Trimarco took a break from her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

What’s your favorite part about dealing with couples getting married?

Flowers are used to express emotion during significant moments in our lives. I’m grateful to get to work with two people as they plan one of the most important days of their lives together. Helping couples choose florals and decor that stimulate feelings and create lasting memories is forever rewarding.

How did you start doing weddings?

I did the floral decor and styling for my own wedding. On the morning that I was getting married, a couple walked through our venue and loved the decor. Later, the venue coordinator called me on behalf of the couple to ask for my florist’s information. I thought, “I should just do the wedding.” That was Bride & Blossom’s first wedding and I kept working from there.

What did you do before working weddings?

I worked as a television news producer.

Wow. That’s quite a jump. But maybe not as much as I think. What’s your favorite part of the wedding day?

I love seeing the couple finally relax and be present in the moment.


Working with our clients for up to a year in advance of their wedding, we know how stressed they can get. It’s not just about decor, finding the perfect dress, and beautiful wedding invitations. There’s also the fact that family members from each side will be meeting for the first time. When the couple finally breaths and takes it all in, we know that we and the other vendors have done our jobs in making their day extraordinary.

wedding flowers by Bride & Blossom Photos by Casey Fatchett -

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to engaged couples if you had the chance to tell them before they met you?

Don’t worry about coming in with an exact vision of how your wedding will look. Rather, save images on Pinterest and Instagram of florals and decor that you really like. We’ll talk about how these ideas can be used to best suit your style and the venue. Some wedding visions take more time to evolve and that’s perfectly fine!

That is excellent advice!

(I always tell people to use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, NOT duplication)

What would your dream job be if you couldn’t do weddings?

I would be an interior designer. I love decorating!

What do you feel you bring to your clients that no one else does?

I treat each of my clients as I would a close friend or family member. I am genuinely excited for their weddings and can’t wait to see them come to life. I’m kind, compassionate, and genuine. I don’t sell people short, but rather help them develop their vision and guide them through the process.

What are you listening to/watching/reading lately that you think other people should check out?

I love to read. But with wedding season, I haven’t had much time for anything else. Ask me again in a few of months!

Fair enough! Wedding season can be stressful for wedding pros. Speaking of stress, how would you advise couples to take care of themselves leading up to the wedding?

It is so important to keep up those activities whether they be physical or creative that relieve stress and bring you joy. And be sure to make time for each other and do things together that have absolutely nothing to do with wedding planning.

floral chuppah by Bride & Blossom - photos by Casey Fatchett
Floral chuppah by Bride & Blossom - photo by Casey Fatchett -

What’s your guilty pleasure and why?

I love massages and any type of beauty treatment. These indulgences are the way that I relax and let goof any daily stressors.

Do you have anything special coming up this wedding season?

We have a lot of amazing weddings coming up this summer. I am really excited for a particular wedding where the ceiling will be covered with hanging flowers, candles, ribbon, and crystals.

That sounds pretty awesome!!!

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