Is tonight going to be a good night?

What do you a call a song that you’ve heard so many times that you love it AND love to hate it at the same time?

I’ve spent nearly and entire day of my life listening to “I gotta feeling…” by the Black Eyed Peas while I’ve been working photographing weddings since the song came out in 2009.

I've gotta feeling black eyed peas image by Casey Fatchett Photography

How did I come up with that number?

Well, it’s been 10 years since the song came out. I photograph roughly 25 weddings a year. Let’s say 80% of those weddings play the song (that’s a conservative estimate) and they only play it once (again, a conservative estimate since for the first several years after it came out, the song was often used as an ‘entrance song’ for the bridal party at the beginning of the reception and then played again later during a dance set).

20 hours of black eyed peas by Casey Fatchett Photography

80% means I heard the song 20 times a year. 200 times over 10 years. The song is 6 minutes long. That’s 1200 minutes. That is 20 hours…


But it still gets me pumped.

I don’t know why…

When it comes on…I just start tapping my feet. I want to dance. I want to jump up and down.

It takes control of me…

And even when you start to feel like you’ve heard it too many times…


Maybe I’m crazy…maybe I’ve witnessed too many ‘good nights’…

But I gotta feeling….

ADDENDUMWhat about other songs?

Some people asked me to compare this to some other popular wedding reception songs. I’d estimate I’ve spent 25 hours listening to “Hey Ya” (which is impressive for a song that’s actually about break ups) which was released in 2003.

The champion is probably the 26 hours I’ve spent listening to “Do you remember?” – which is VERY impressive considering it is a little over half the length of the other two songs.

What’s your favorite wedding song??

Let me know on Instagram what your favorite wedding song is…

I gotta feeling….

Seriously, once you start you can stop…

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