Wedding Venue Spotlight: FEAST at Round Hill

It’s been just over 8 years since my wife and I celebrated our own FEAST at Round Hill wedding.

It is SUCH a beautiful and amazing Hudson Valley wedding venue. And I am not just saying that because I am personally biased since we got married there…

No, I am saying that because I’ve worked at FEAST a number of times now and I have to say that I am always blown away by the weddings there for several reasons…

Reasons to get married at FEAST…

First of all, the house and grounds give you a huge variety in how to set up your wedding day.

Wedding at FEAST Round Hill - photos by Casey Fatchett -

There are lots of ‘spaces’ to explore on the grounds – both as a guest, AND as a couple in search of great spots for wedding photos. There are the various gardens, the patio/decks areas, the parlors inside the house…

Wedding at FEAST Round Hill - photos by Casey Fatchett -

There is an abundance of great locations!

And it’s not like everything has to be set up the same way for every wedding!

You can set up the ceremony in a number of different locations outside, and there’s space to have the ceremony inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I know that for our wedding we were worried in the week leading up to the day because it rained nearly every day. It was great to know that there was an indoor option.

wedding at FEAST Round Hill

My wife and I were very picky about food when it came to our wedding. It was VERY important that there be great food…and the food at FEAST is fantastic!

FEAST at Round Hill wedding photographer

And so is the staff!!! They make your wedding day incredible.

Wedding at FEAST Round Hill - photos by Casey Fatchett -

Seriously, everyone there is amazingly nice. Every time I come back I see how caring they are in treating their couples and their guests.

FEAST at Round Hill wedding photos

So, if you’re looking for a versatile wedding venue in the Hudson Valley, I highly recommend FEAST at Round Hill. You can check them out by clicking here to visit their website.

And if you’re getting married at FEAST at Round Hill, get in touch with me right away! I love returning to the scene of my own wedding!

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