Wedding day weather is one of the very few things you cannot control. I’ve talked about it on several occasions before, but it’s always a good idea to refresh the topic.

So, when the Weather Channel approached me about doing an interview for “World Marriage Day” to discuss how to prepare for bad weather (and just wedding day weather in general), I was more than happy to to help out.

With more and more severe weather events popping up in recent years, it just makes sense to be prepared!

Are you here for the advice? Check out the video below!

To be clear, my main advice is always to be safe and embrace the weather whatever it is if you can!

Don’t go out and try to get a crazy weather photo if it is going to put you, or anyone else (including your photographer), in danger. It’s not worth it.

I hope you find these wedding day weather tips helpful! If you have other questions about preparing for your wedding day, or if you have tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

And, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who can handle whatever the weather sends your way, get in touch with me today!

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