Casey Clicks: Nicole + Mike

“Then, when I saw her, the emotions poured out…”

I’ve seen Nicole and Mike a few times since their wedding at Capitale. I’ve also watched their adorable daughters growing up on social media.

It makes me happy to have been there to document the day when this family was made official!

And this picture. When I see it, all these years later, it takes ME back immediately to that moment…

emotional wedding photos

But what do Nicole and Mike think?

What does this photo make you think of when you see it now?


That wonderful picture really takes me back. When I look at it I remember feeling such JOY, and a little relief…

So much of the wedding planning up til that moment is tasks and schedules. For me the reveal was the beginning of the real thing, and getting to cherish our feelings and each other.


When I see that photo it brings me back to that moment and I remember trying to hold myself together before Nicole walked in the room for the reveal.

Then, when I saw her, the emotions poured out…

And how do the photos from your wedding day make you feel now?


I value our photos so much, and even more so today than then.  

They’re a reminder of who we were then, how we’ve grown together since, and the love we were surrounded by on that day. ❤️

Thank you!


When I see wedding photos now I’m appreciative that we have them because the wedding was a blur and it’s hard to remember every moment but the pictures give you a glimpse of those moments and trigger the memories again.

That’s what I always aim for in my wedding photography — photos that will help you relive those precious moments!

If that’s what you’re looking for from your wedding photos, reach out to me today.

Or, if you’re just here for the emotional wedding photos in my #caseyclicks stories? No problem! We can all use some joyful emotions from time to time.

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