What’s in a moment?

Weddings, like life, are made up of a million fleeting moments…

How do you remember those moments? How do you value them?

When you think back to that time in your life, how does it make you feel? What emotions does it bring up?

Documenting Moments and So Much More!

My business is documenting moments for people so that they can go back and relive them over and over again for years to come.

I’ve been photographing couples and weddings for a long time now (18 years…), and I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos…

It’s really easy to get caught up in the emotions of your wedding day and all that surrounds it. When you look at those photos for the first time, the feelings are still very ‘fresh’ in your mind.

I wondered how some of the couples I have photographed feel about their photos now…years removed from their wedding day…

What feelings and thoughts do their pictures evoke when they look at them?

Next week, on Monday, I will start exploring some of these stories here on the blog and on social media.

I hope that you’ll join me (and the couples I’ve spoken to) on this journey. You can follow along here on the blog (check out the links to the posts below) or on social media using the hashtag #caseyclicks – get your tissues ready. Some of these are real tearjerkers…you’re going to want to share these…

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I love this idea! I’ve always wondered how people feel about their wedding photos years afterwards – I can’t wait for this!

Thanks! It’s been really interesting getting responses from some of the couples I work with! You can check out the first six stories in the links at the bottom of the post. There are a few more coming!

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