Sharon Becker from SB Beauty and I met years ago at a wedding industry event and we found that our senses of humor just jived with one another. Plus, we’re both former ‘theater people’.
Sharon Becker Makeup Artist at work - photo by Casey Fatchett - www.fatchett.com
Since then we’ve worked on weddings and shoots together, and we always have a great time! So I sat down to talk to Sharon about weddings and what she’s up to…

What’s your favorite part about the wedding day?

Meeting fun new people!

Me too. I always love meeting new couples. Why do you like it?

Besides doing gorgeous makeup and hair? I love “collecting” people outside of my regular circle. It’s fun to meet people beyond my sphere of weddings, fashion, and production. I also love watching clients open up and get comfortable while I do their makeup.
Wedding makeup and hair by SB Beauty - photo by Casey Fatchett - www.fatchett.com

What did you do before working weddings?

Gah – my storied career as an actor in Shakespeare plays in NYC parking lots. I also spent 7 years in the special events industry before I started freelancing in makeup.

How did you start doing weddings?

I worked at a makeup counter for 8 years (that’s how I started in makeup), and clients would ask me to do their wedding makeup. It was extra money, I loved the privilege of being included in the wedding day, and it was another chance to do makeup.

What do you feel you bring to your clients that no one else does?

Everything I do is personal, so there are no cookie cutter packages with me. I customize the experience for the client, as well as customize her makeup and hair. Therefore, I’m flexible and really tuned in to the needs of the client and the day.

What do you have coming up that you’re most excited about?

My first wedding in Vail, CO, in early November!

That’s awesome! So, we’re in the height of wedding season and it can be very stressful. How do you relax?

NYC life is exciting but draining. I recharge my energy with a walk on the East River, sunset on the West Side Highway, hikes in NJ and the national parks, and best of all, the beach. I love being outside and get inspired by the real colors of nature.

What would your dream job be if you couldn’t do weddings?

Astronaut, obviously.

Of course! That’s just so obvious!

I love finding out what people are currently into. What are you listening to/watching/reading lately that you think other people should check out?

Good question! I love love LOVE RuPaul and am finishing watching Season 10 of Drag Race. I also listen to his podcast. In terms of other podcasts, I am enjoying WTF with Marc Aaron and Stay Tuned with Preet (politics). Since it’s Yankee season, I am listening to almost every game on the app. Books – I just finished Olive Kitteredge on my Kindle, which was a fascinating read about a Maine woman and her maturity. I am trying to focus on women writers and women’s stories.

What’s your guilty pleasure and why?

Ohhhh, Scandal. I have yet to watch the final season, and when I do, I’ll have to check out from daily life.

Scandal lost me after the first season…but I still love my Grey’s Anatomy!

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to engaged couples if you had the chance to tell them before they met you?

Book your vendors early to get your choice of the best talent to fit your day.
Learn more about Sharon and SB Beauty on her website – click here to head over there – or check out Sharon’s wedding beauty Instagram!
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