Casey Clicks: Vienna + Jimmy

“I think of how in that moment, it all melted away.”

It’s been NINE years since I took this photo…it’s odd, in a way, being friends with Vienna and Jimmy on social media, I’ve seen them ‘grow up’ in their marriage over the years since their wedding.

You can also thank Vienna for all of the great ‘wedding ring with wedding shoes’ shots I have taken over the last decade. It was her ideas for photos of her engagement ring that really got me into photographing those details in a creative way. Now it is something that I am constantly working at finding new ways to photograph!

And this photo of Vienna and her mom always gets me…

long island wedding photographer

Enough of my yakkin’…let’s let Vienna tell us what this photo means to her…

What do you think about when you look at this photo?

Some funny things happen when you get married at 22…

Catering hall sales managers think you’re there to plan your Sweet 16. You have to look at your husband-to-be’s law school schedule to make sure you won’t be on your honeymoon during his orientation week.

And you try to be a reasonable adult human being and involve your mother in planning, the way a reasonable adult would, when your teenage rebellion years are approximately 35 seconds behind you.

When I look at this picture I think of how easy it was to get caught up in all the competing desires, the tears, and the stress of the planning process.

I think of how in that moment, it all melted away…

I think of how my mother and I were both so intent on making it a special day for guests, while balancing making it a meaningful day for my husband and me.

One second we were debating the guest list and suddenly our hair and makeup was done, champagne was poured, our gowns were on, and it was all real.

When I look at that picture, I think of reverting to my inner teenager and rolling my eyes a million times and my mom laughing at me for being too cool.

I think of laughing with my bridesmaids and my mom over silly inside jokes all morning.

I think of the jitters and the giggles and the joy of that day.

The truth is, wedding planning can be stressful. Wedding days, however, are a blast.

I also think about the 9 years after that photo and how close my mother and I have grown. We’re not only mother and daughter anymore. Now we’re friends.

What do your wedding photos mean to you now that you’re a few years removed from your wedding day?

My wedding pictures bring up so many emotions.

First of all, were we ever really that young?

My hair may never looked that good again.

Secondly, how many changes have we and our families and friends gone through since that day?

I laugh at how little my husband and I knew about the world, and how excited we were to jump in and learn.

One of my favorite pictures from the wedding is during our first look…

wedding first look

We’re just looking off in the distance, seemingly having a silent conversation, “Well, I guess we’re about to do this!”

I think about how our families have grown and how many new babies and friends and loved ones would be in those pictures today…

And I think about all the people we’ve lost in those years too. It means the world to me to have those pictures with my grandparents and to be able to show them to my children to tell them stories.

Reading Vienna’s response really highlighted a few things for me:

All of the stress that can come with planning a wedding…

How, at times, and once things get rolling during your wedding, all of that fades into the background…

And family. Family and friends. They’re really what it is all about. And capturing those moments with family members and friends who are no longer with us so that they can be shared with future generations…

Well, that is just another thing that makes me feel honored to do what I do!

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