Casey Clicks: Summer + James

“A wedding is an odd landmark in a person’s life…”

Summer and I have been friends for a loooooong time (and I’ve known her husband, James, nearly as long). We even share a lot of odd connections that we didn’t realize until the day of their wedding.

So, when I decided to kick off this series of wedding stories, I felt like Summer and James were an obvious choice…partly because I couldn’t decide on ONE PHOTO!

I will let Summer take it from here…

What do your wedding photos mean to you now that you’re several years removed from the day?

“For many, [a wedding] brings up big powerful emotions, memories, and anxiety.

But in the end its just a day. It starts in the morning and ends at night. During it you eat, you drink, you sleep…

There are moving parts to even the smallest of wedding days so you spend a big part of the big day thinking about them. Even when you planned it to the last eyelash. You try to step away and take it all in but its like trying to stop and smell the flowers on a rocket ship.

It just goes by too fast for that…

These photos do that for you. I get to see every important moment of that day whenever I like even if I was trying to figure out details like where my Aunt Dorothy was sitting and if I had the skill to dance in heels (not really).

I never would have seen half my wedding without these precious time capsules and I am beyond grateful to Casey for not missing a moment.

How do you feel when you look at these photos?

“When I look at these pictures that you took I don’t just see my wedding day. I see the love in my life in full regalia!

emotional wedding photography moments

I see my mom giving the same loving warmth to this experience as she did every birthday party, every prom, and every first day of school…

emotional wedding photography moments

I see my husband scared but brave and the flicker of what I now recognize as our son’s smile…

emotional wedding photos

I see a great dad who worked so hard his entire life so he can do for other people…like that dress and that dance…

With these pictures I am able to have love on tap anytime I want it or need it. I look at them often because all that love is what anchors you when you need it most.”

I don’t know about you, but I need a Kleenex after reading that!

I feel so amazingly privileged to capture these moments.

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