Casey Clicks: Joey + Ted

I didn’t realize how romantic and intimate it was actually going to be and feel…”

There were a lot of emotional and romantic moments at Joey and Ted’s wedding. It was hard to choose just one!

But this photo from their first dance really stuck out in my mind…

emotional wedding photos

So I asked Joey what he thought about it…

What do you think about when you look at this photo?

“I think about how we should have practiced slow dancing, haha…

But to be serious, I think of how a lot of our wedding day happened on circumstance.

We basically wanted a big party, and to have the people we love to be there. I knew it would be fun (there was a lot of booze and wine), I knew it was going to be a very happy day, and I knew that it was going to be a big step in our relationship.

However, I didn’t realize how romantic and intimate it was actually going to be and feel.

This photo of us dancing… we didn’t plan to do a first dance, or have a “ceremonial” cutting of our wedding cake…

We didn’t plan to do all the motions of a wedding (cutting the cake, dancing, a wedding party) and we didn’t have a wedding planner at all.

But, somehow, through circumstance, everything that happens in a wedding all just happened for us that day and it was all so very romantic.”

How do you feel about your wedding photos now that you’re a few years removed from your wedding day?

“I keep our wedding photo album in our living room, on its own shelf, so I see it often.

To me, they remind me of our vows, and of all the people who were there to witness it.

It reminds me of the meaning of us getting married: that this was the day we committed to being on the same team for the rest of our lives.

It’s never about who’s right, or who’s wrong. It’s about being on the same team, and since then we’ve approached every situation in our marriage as teammates.”

I think thinking of yourself as teammates and partners is really fantastic advice. You’re not in this journey alone.

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