Casey Clicks: Jaime + Henrik

“It also reminds me of how overwhelmed with happiness and love I was that day”

There are a lot of emotions that swirl around on your wedding day. They’re not always totally obvious.

This photo from Jaime and Henrik’s wedding always makes me wonder what they’re thinking.

Glen Island Harbour Club wedding

The looks on they’re faces draw you into it.

But any thoughts of mine are just speculation. What does Jaime have to say about this picture?

What do you think of when you see this photo?

When I look at this photo, I can just remember how nervous I was.

Not to be marrying Henrik, but to be standing in front of almost 300 people with all eyes on us!

It also reminds me of how overwhelmed with happiness and love I was that day.

And it makes me so happy that I have these photos to look at and remember all the emotions of that day!

How do your wedding photos make you feel now that you’re more than a few years removed from your wedding day?

After almost seven years (man time flies!), I still look through our wedding photos and feel like I can relive the day.

The pictures that you took are priceless and they always make me happy.

Placing value on your wedding photos before your wedding day is kind of an abstract concept…

It’s really hard to imagine because you haven’t BEEN there yet. You haven’t done that. You haven’t experienced it.

For me, that ability to relive the feelings and emotions is, as Jaime says, priceless

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