Casey Clicks: Erica + Pat

“The thing is, I love this photo but whenever I see it I can’t quite place the moment.”

The last installment of #caseyclicks might have brought out a few tears…not in a bad way, but, still, I decided to follow it up with a moment filled with laughter and joy…

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I have always loved this moment from Pat and Erica’s vineyard wedding in Napa. So, I reached out to Pat to get his thoughts on it…

What do you think of when you see this photo?

“We were in the barn for sure, and this was fairly late into the dancing, but I can’t decide whether, at the height of my charm and suaveness, I told her a incredibly funny joke or (more likely) it was a moment where we were reflecting on the awesomeness around us.  

That look on Erica’s face, though…pure joy on the edge of breaking into tears, is one I’ve been privileged to see a few times and feel so grateful to have on film.”

How do you think about your wedding photos now that you’re years removed from your wedding day?

“There were a few times that day that we made it a point to just stop and appreciate all the amazing friends and family there with us.  

No matter where we turned there were our favorite people, so if you didn’t stop to process you would lose the evening in a sea of vignettes.  

It amazes me how some of the photos can instantly bring me back to a moment, while others (like the above) make me think more broadly about the day, and how we’ve changed.  

They are such different reactions, but both so valuable to me.”

I am going to state again, for the record, that photography is the closest thing we have to time travel!

Having great wedding photos helps you go back and relive both the moments and the emotions from your wedding day.

It feels pretty damn great to be able to do that for the couples I work with.

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