Belvedere Castle Engagement: Stephanie + Matt

“We need a lot of direction.”

That’s what Stephanie and Matt told me leading up to and on the day of their engagement session. They’re not alone. Couples often tell me they NEED me to tell them what to do. They NEED me to pose them.

I get it. You feel awkward. You don’t know what to do with your hands. You don’t know how to stand. You’re not used to having your photo taken, or you just don’t feel comfortable being photographed. You think the pose is the answer to a good picture.

The pose will make the photo.

The pose is NOT the answer.

The answer lies in feeling more comfortable.

That’s why I work very hard to get to know my couples – their likes, dislikes. I find topics we can talk about. I find little tricks to get them to engage with one another and stop thinking about having their photo taken so that they FEEL more relaxed.

The tension drops away. Their love for one another, their personalities, their joy comes to the forefront of the pictures.

The real, natural YOU comes out in the photos.

How do you feel about having your photo taken? Do you need direction? Do you absolutely need to be told how to pose? Or would you rather do or talk about something that makes you feel more natural?

Do you want your photos to show the real you or an artificial pose?

Tell me in the comment section, and if you’re looking for natural unposed photos – get in touch with me!

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