5 Tips for Perfect Engagement Ring Selfies

Hey, congratulations on that fancy new jewelry!! Now that you have the engagement ring, it’s time to show of your bling. I’m sure you want to take an Instagram worthy selfie of your rock to show your friends, so here are five simple tips for the perfect engagement ring selfie – and you can check out the video at the bottom of the post for a summary!

1.  Get a manicure!

tips of instagram worthy engagement ring selfies

If your future spouse is smart, they’ll probably suggest you get a manicure BEFORE they pop the question, knowing you’re immediately going to want to show off pictures of your fabulous new jewelry. If not, it should probably be up there on your list of things to do (after you call your parents and your best friend). Plus, you can show the ring off to the ladies at the nail salon…

2. Clean your ring!


If you’ve been wearing your ring for a little while before you’re taking pictures, you will want to clean it up before you take photos. Make that bling SHINE!

I recommend this cleaner:

3. Find the light

Are you somewhere dark? Find some light! Have your fiance or a friend turn the light on their phone on to shine on that ring – don’t use the flash on your phone, it will look terrible. If it’s daytime, find a nice spot with lots of light outside or near a window. Find an angle where the light makes your ring sparkle!!

4. Keep a steady hand!

Tips for perfect engagment ring selfies - photo by Casey Fatchett - http://fatchett.com

Trying to hit the shutter button on your touch screen can make your camera move and your ring will come out blurry in the photo. If your phone can do it, use another button to trigger the shutter release – iPhones can take a picture when you hit the volume up button!

5. Think about your background.

Do you want your ring to stand out? Choose a background that won’t distract from it! No busy patterns or a bunch of people. Make sure that whoever is looking at the picture has their eye drawn immediately to your ring.

Or, you can play around and do something fun with the picture, but make sure that your ring is the focus…no pun intended…

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