Top 5 Military and First Responder Wedding Moments

Happy Fourth of July everyone! As we celebrate Independence Day, my thoughts turn to those who dedicate their lives to serving to protect us – our military and first responders. And, yes, in case you were wondering after my ‘movie quote’ post, I can’t say “Independence Day” without thinking this…


Hey, Space Force!! Now that that’s out of the way…

I have a great deal of respect for our military, police, firefighters, and EMTs. My dad was a cop. He investigated fires, so I grew up knowing a lot of firefighters. I have family members who are police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and who’ve served in most branches of the military. I even seriously considered going to West Point myself. I realized I wouldn’t be able to hack it.

I’ve also had the privilege of working with a lot of great couples who were either in the military or a first responder (either one or both). So, today, as we celebrate our Independence Day…

I bring you my personal top five military and first responder wedding moments. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Jessica + James

Military weddings by Casey Fatchett -

I love this photo. James (a West Point graduate) and Jessica got married not far from West Point on Bear Mountain. While we headed out for some portraits of the two of them, Jessica was holding her dress up and James was feeling a bit left out…

2. Kate + Adam

Kate and Adam’s wedding at Battery Gardens allowed for great views of the Statue of Liberty (especially at night). Adam is a firefighter, and let’s just say that he ‘knows a guy’…and a fire boat just happened to show up during the reception and shoot off its water cannons. Totally normal…happens every day.

3. Joey + Ted

Okay, technically this is not from their wedding. It’s from the engagement session, but this shot of Joey and Ted in their uniforms in front of the Times Square recruiting office with the flag behind them…perfection!

4. Katrina + Matt

firefighter wedding

Matt also works for the New York City Fire Department. Why does this moment mean so much to me? Well, for years I’d been telling people that Game of Thrones is not appropriate theme for your wedding. I even did a photo shoot about it for The Knot. I mean, come on people!!! Every wedding in Game of Thrones goes horribly wrong.

Katrina and Matt proved me wrong, because they’re huge geeks like me and decided to add lots of little GoT touches to their wedding, including playing The Rains of Castamere as their processional music!

5. Jersey + Ray

West Point New York Military Academy wedding by Casey Fatchett

Ray is another West Point grad and this wedding was actually on the campus! While we were doing their couple portraits, we passed by the parade grounds. I was more than a little nervous about taking pictures there, but I followed Jersey and Ray’s lead and we got amazing photos. Which was not difficult, because they are gorgeous people – and really, really good people! Super nice and fun…and they’re both doctors. Doesn’t that just make you sick? 😉

A Special Offer for Active Military and First Responders Who Are Getting Married

If you just say you ‘support’ the people who keep us safe, and don’t do anything to show it, that’s just sort of empty words, right?

It reminds me of recently when Caroline and I were at our local bagel shop and three guys came in wearing their Army fatigues. We bought their egg sandwiches and they thanked us profusely. My shyness kicked in hardcore. I felt it was one of the least things we could do.

Well, I am going to figuratively put my money where my mouth is and offer any active military members or first responders who book me as their wedding photographer either a $300 discount or a free interactive guest book ($450 value). This will be the policy of Casey Fatchett Photography moving forward. So let it be written, so let it be done!

So, if you or someone you know fits the bill, contact me now and I’ll take care of you for taking care of us!

And be sure to share this with people who might be interested, so they know about this offer.

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