The Secret to Promoting Yourself

Whatever industry you work in, we’re all in the business of self promotion. Think about the root of that word, “promotion.” It has several related meanings:

  1. further the progress of; support or actively encourage.
  2. give publicity to so as to increase awareness.
  3. advance or raise (someone) to a higher position or rank.

It seems so obvious. When we self promote, we are are trying to further our own progress, increase awareness of what we’re doing, and ADVANCE OUR POSITION!!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, actor, doctor, writer, musician, photographer, dancer, accountant, social media influencer, real estate agent, or whatever you do – you want to give yourself a promotion, don’t you?

For some people, self promotion feels awkward and difficult. I get it. I hate talking about myself. I’m shy. I feel like I am being egotistical if I mention my accomplishments.

So, what’s the secret to promoting yourself? What do most people neglect when they’re trying to improve their standing? I have two words for you – GREAT PICTURES!

You’re thinking, “Of course he is going to say that, he’s a photographer…”

Well, I HATE having my picture taken. But I have realized that having pictures of myself that aren’t someone’s phone snaps goes a long way in improving how people see me.

self portrait
So I take pictures of myself…

Yes, people need to see YOU! Your photo is literally your calling card in our digital era. Your picture is the first thing people will most likely see before they read what you’ve actually done. It’s attached to your profile. It ‘enters the room’ well before you do.

And you only get one chance to make a first impression.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been researching a doctor, dog walker, second photographers – someone I WANT TO HIRE – and looked at their picture and thought, “Ehhhh, do I really want to work with that person? They obviously don’t care about how they appear professionally.”

Am I wrong? Have you never seen a horrible picture of someone whose services you were thinking of employing and thought, “Well, if they put this little thought into their presentation of themselves, are they actually going to put thought into what I want them to do?”

YOU need to think about the perception of people who can advance your position. People who will hire you. People who will give you money. People you are networking with. People who can help you move up!

Let’s think about that word – promotion – again. Pro-motion. Professional movement. Where are you moving professionally? Are you moving forward? Backward?

I took these photos of my friend and long time client Marquina earlier this year to promote her business helping authors get their books published.

Self Promotion Pictures Headshots Business Photos by Casey Fatchett -

Self Promotion Pictures Headshots Business Photos by Casey Fatchett -

We talked about her needs in depth before the shoot: the types of photos she needed, the personas she wanted the pictures to show, how do the pictures need to be framed for how they’re going to be used, etc.

Self Promotion Pictures Headshots Business Photos by Casey Fatchett -

Self Promotion Pictures Headshots Business Photos by Casey Fatchett -

However you are trying to promote yourself, I will ask you what your goals are. What are you trying to achieve? What is the message you’re sending? I want to make sure your photos reflect that message so the first thing people think when they see your photo reflects the goal you had in mind.

If you want to keep moving forward, contact me today about getting pictures that will make the people who are going to help your career say, “I WANT to work with that person!”

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