New York City – Background vs. Character

Many couples come to me saying, “We want a real ‘New York’ feel to our photos…”

I understand the inclination. For couples who come to New York City to get married, they’re looking for that ‘postcard’ picture…

For couples who live in New York, they want a photo that says, “This is where I live!”.

But, you don’t have to take a picture in front of a tourist destination to get that amazing NYC photo!

New York City is vibrant and full of life at every hour of the day. It truly is “The City That Never Sleeps”…no matter where you go, you can find the ‘character’ of the city – the traffic, the street vendors and food trucks, or crowded sidewalks full of people…

And it is that character that I try to bring out in photos for the couples I work with. Anyone can go and take a picture in Times Square, which most people who live in New York City avoid like the plague. But is it just about the ‘background’ of the ‘Crossroads of the World’ or do you want a photo that conveys the feeling of being there amongst the throngs of people who overtake that particular part of the city?

Would you prefer to stand in front of the same landmark that thousands of other couples stood in front of? Or get a shot with a cute doggo who happened to be walking by?

Is the hustle and flow of this incredible city adding to the living, breathing quality of your pictures, or is the city merely a backdrop to stand in front of?

Do you want just a pretty backdrop? Or do you want the feels too? I think you want ALL the feels…

If you do, we should talk.

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